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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wet Day Out

When in England at the end of September, Jessica treated me to a day out at Alton Towers.

This time, we were going to get wet, whatever the weather - we had a session in the spa booked.

The changing rooms are tiny, but it was lovely to put on a big fluffy bathrobe, and spend several hours chiling out. We didn't book any treatments, but spent the time swimming, having a foot spa, in the jaccuzi, the whirlpool and the steam room. The worst part, was when Jessica pressed the button for the 'rain' when in the shower - I wanted 'tropical', which is a lovely fine mist of warm water, but 'rain' is really cold and heavy!

To my amusement, she couldn't relax, so we decided to spend the next few hours in the waterpark. We had to get dressed to go there, but we simply popped our jeans and t-shirts over our costumes (so it looked as though we'd wet ourselves!).

We had great fun. We went on all of the rides several times, including the outside one. She managed to tip me out of one of the rings, by holding me under a running torrent which was rather strong. I thought the Master Blaster was brilliant and was very relieved not to get thrown out of my ring, so I didn't have to be rescued!

We weren't allowed to take photo's in the spa, but it was ok before the water park opened. Quite often, Jess works in 'Quenchers' right at the side of the waterpark.

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