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Sunday, 24 October 2010


This weekend, is our 'fair' weekend. The funfair has come to town, and there are street stalls along the high street. They seem to be the same stalls each time, perfect if you wish to buy a handbag or scarf. There are other things too, but as it is such a small village, I guess we can't expect too much.

Opening night was on Friday, and we saw the human towers, and traditional dancing. The opening ceremony and resulting fair is a tradition that goes back some 300 years, so it is nice that it still goes on. So many towns in the UK have lost their annual carnivals, due to lack of enthusiasm.

Having looked around on Friday, on Saturday I stayed in, when Ed popped into town. However, I wasn't too suprised to get a phone call a little later... I'll come and get you. He had encountered our 'gang' of bikers, and they all waited in the same spot, while he came and got me! We had a lovely evening walking around and meeting everyone. I didn't know it was possible to spend 3 hours walking down 2 streets and a carpark! Evidently, it was the night to be seen out, and everyone seemed to know everyone else. I even found myself offering stawberry flavoured turron to the local policeman (known as 'actionman'), but he claimed to be watching his figure. (I think most of the women in the town watch it too).

I had my winter jacket on, and Paco laughed and asked if I was cold, no... because I'm wearing my winter jacket! Sylvia spent most of the night linking her arm through mine. It was just like going out with my mum! Brilliant night out - just need to learn more Valenciano.

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