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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Cocentaina Fair

Well, it's that time again already - the medieval fayre at Cocentaina. This is an annual fayre, that has taken place every year for some 600 years. I won't go into it all this time, as I have written plenty on previous posts!

This year, as we entered, I was disappointed to see that the children's corner was empty. The rides for children are all wooden, and powered by operators riding wooden bikes, (ie, operated by wooden gears) or by pulling ropes. Thankfully, as we walked around the market, I spotted the rides scattered around different parts of the town. This is probably a better idea, as it gives parent the chance to give the children rides at different times, rather than all at once.

We didn't get there until much later than normal, but we were still able to park fairly close. There were, however a lot more people around. Ed got a call from someone in the UK while we were there, and joked that there were about 1 million peole there! Whilst that was an exageration, it was certainly very busy. The nice thing is, as everyone is simply strolling around, there is no pushing or shoving, and people just move aside if you are trying to squeeze past. In all likelihood, whoever you have just passed, will probably come past you a few minutes later!

This year, we bought some artisan cheese, bread, and sweets. The cheese was rather expensive, but it was the strongest tasting cheese we've had for a long time. Yum.

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