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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hiccy Burp Day

It was Tim's birthday at the end of September, so we celebrated with a meal in Frankie and Benny's followed by drink in a pub, then on to a nightclub. Out of 18 people, I was the only one over 30 - though I denied it of course, claiming to be 25 (yet again).

Although we had booked a table in advance, the service was quite slow, but the waiter we had was quite funny. One of the lads had his 16" pizza delivered, rolled it up, and started to eat it, there was then a flurry of challenges, as everyone wondered if he could finish it, before the last meal had been delivered to our table... he did!

It was lovely to see the familiar faces, as well as a couple of new ones. I was treated as one of them, not the mother keeping an eye out! I even got dragged into some in depth car-talk, which was quite funny.

Tim was given a birthday cake (baked by Nanny) in the restaurant, with the waiters all singing Happy Birthday to him, and presenting him with balloons. (Rapidly followed by helium induced conversations.)

We even went to the only nightclub in Uttoxeter, which was as dire as it always has been. The funniest part, was that there were several people dressed in 80's clothes, so it really did seem like I was 25 again!

Poor Tim. I had lost count of the shots he had drunk in the restaurant, so I wasn't too suprised to hear that he didn't get up until 3pm the next day!

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