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Sunday, 14 July 2013


In spite of the terrible weather, Tim Abbie and I went to Carsington Reservoir in March.

I was very impressed by the odd motorbike we saw that was braving the conditions. The roads around there are wonderful, but with the grit and the slush, it would not have have been on my 'things to do today' list. Still, riding in those terrible conditions keeps your skills at peak performance.

Parking was fun. The snow was too deep to see the bays. Knowing how some authorities work, I still envisioned some jobsworth brushing the snow aside, to see if I was parked inside my bay.
Abbie hadn't been before and it was a long time since Tim had been, so we went around the visitors centre and the exhibition, before walking out to the island. I had anticipated eating there, but in the end we didn't bother.

We actually ate in one of the pubs in Uttoxter, where we had the dubious pleasure of witnessing a most unpleasant, drunk woman, berating her boyfriends child, in the most offensive way possible. I was secretly pleased, when she spilled her drink all over herself. Nasty woman. Still, it reminded me of why I don't live in Uttoxeter any more.

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