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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dinner is Served

Time to posh up and go out for 'dinner with the girls'.

We may have known each other for 40 years, but any excuse for a meal out. Ali, Tina and I went for a meal in STafford, in spite of the terrrible weather in March! (Yes, I know I am behind with my writing.) Jessica came with us too, which meant that I could have a drink. Perfect.
As the schedule was a little tight, I rang Ali on the way, to say that we would meet her at the restaurant. The subsequent pause said everything (obviously already on their 2nd bottle of wine), so Jess and I picked them up too. The restaurant was fine about us being a bit late. I could see why, once we got there - there were only 2 other groupd of people there. This wasn't too suprising though, it was mid-week, so not too busy at the best of times.

The food was excellent, but I did have a laugh with the drinks. I asked for a Ricard, but the waiter had no idea what that was. I explained that the commercial name in the UK was Pernod, but he didn't look any the wiser. He came back a little later, saying they were "fresh out of Pernod". Ha Ha. As if someone in the room had just polished off the bottle. I don't think so. After some debate (no moscatel, no other aperitifs) I settled for boring rum and coke.

As usual, we were the last ones in the place. We didn't manage to break our record though. Once, we were asked which room to book our meals to (in a hotel), as all of the day staff had gone. We weren't staying there, so they had to call someone back, to take our money!

(We have known restaurant owners to sit and wait for us to finish, so that they could lock up, everyone else having gone. Although one literally threw us out into the rain, shouting 'haven't you got homes to go to', even though she knew we were waiting for our lift!)

I love these meals out. We really do need to find ourselves a whole weekend, so we can just talk and talk and talk... I think I ought to ask the girls over, and send Ed away for that weekend. That would certainly work.

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