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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Pack Descends

For a change, Tim decided to visit us in the much warmer summer weather.

"Mum, can I come over?" "Of course, just send me the dates and how many." That turned out to be the following week, along with 3 friends that hadn't been before. Ooops. Half way through some major renovations wasn't the best call.

We quickly dashed around, tidying up rooms that had been used for storage, while dust and brickwork had been flying around. It didn't take toolong, as, whilst doing the work, I had had a major clearout. I think I had sent 4 boxes of bric-a-brac to the charity shop, along with 3 bin-bags of clothes.

Anyhow, Tim turned up on Sunday, with friends in tow. Including 1 vegitarian. Poor thing. I hope he liked my veggie lasangne, as he had that as a base for most things he ate during the week.

On the Thursday night, we went to the Barraca Restaurant (under new management) for a pre-ordered paella. It was excellent. She even did a veggie one for the 'special' guest, which went down very well.
Two of the lads were drinking cider, which is quite unusual here. They were offered an artesanal cider, which, for the best taste, should be served from a great height, in order to incorporate some air into the drink. Tim was given instructions on how to pour it. He did well, but opted for the boring style when doing the second glass!

We had a lovely selection of starters, as well as a couple of jugs of sangria to help wash it all down. Needless to say, coffees, brandy and carajillos were also the order of the day. To our delight, we were then offered a delicious shot, courtesy of the owner, just to finish off the meal with a lovely flourish. (Even the bill was a pleasure to pay.)

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Alex Johnson said...

The veggie lasange was delicious! And once again, thank you for having us. I had a fantastic week :)