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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Forum Meet

To keep in touch with the motorcycle scene in the UK, I am a member of a forum, where like minded people chat on-line, insult each other and get very nasty (just like most other forums).

Thankfully, with a little discretion, it is possible to separate the idiots from the obnoxious and find a few genuinely friendly folks. I've managed to meet up with some of them, either in Spain or the UK, and last time I was in England, despit the terrible snow in March, I arranged to meet anyone and everyone at Malock Bath on a Sunday.

As the weather was so terrible, it actually ended up with me meeting up with someone I already knew, so Chris and Rachel met up with (brother) John and I, and we all had a traditional chip lunch in Matlock!
Sadly, time was short, and parking was difficult, so we only had a little time together, but it was great to see them again.

We actually met up again at the end of May in Spain. This time, we managed to have most of the day together, which was much better. They are both lovely. Chris is perfectly happy to have the mick taken out of him (as are most bikers) and Rachel is an 'extra' in lots of TV programs, so she has some fantastic tales to tell. I know that if we still lived in England, we would see much more of them.

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