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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hong Kong meets Spain

On Friday, I had the delight of dropping someone off at Alicante airport, then going on to La Zenia (near Torrevieja) to visit an old friend that actually lives in Hong Kong.

When she is in the UK for the summer holidays, she usually has a week or so in Spain, which gives me the opportunity to meet up with her.

This time, she was over with her husband and both daughters, but her husband had had to go back the day before, so there were just the four of us. We had a wonderful day on the beach, but, unfortunately, I forgot my camera. (Myabe not such a bad thing.)

After a shower, we then went to the new shopping centre, for a stroll around and for some tea. The girls bought some bits in a well known chain store, then we went to a Wok for tea. This is an 'all you can eat' chinese restaurant chain. It seems to be very popular with the ex-pats, but Ed and I have only been twice before in all this time.

Afterwards, as we strolled around, I wanted a picture of the girls together. I suggested a location, but Catherine (being a teenager now) though that my chosen spot was naff, and refused to stand there. Oh well. Mum and younger sister instead then! Had we been in a pretty park, I'm certain she would have posed quite happily, but it was not to be.
It was one of those days with not enough hours in it. A 2 hour drive back home was on the cards, so I had to leave them.

Hopefully, we will have much more time together next July, as there is a big event comming up, that we all hope to go to.

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