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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Raucous Ride-out

I love our Sunday ride-outs, but sometimes they can get a bit monotonous. Meet up at 9, ride somewhere for breakfast and a chat, ride back, drink in a cafe then home.

A few weeks ago, we went to a bar in the countryside for breakfast. Ed had been there before with the boys, but I hadn't. There were a few bikes there already, so everyone nodded at each other, but we didn't chat with each other. We had the 'house' sandwich which can be recommended in any establishment. Paco must have been very peckish, as he ate all of the nuts, then hid the basket and asked for a new lot! The staff were really nice and friendly, as they are in all of the bars we have been to. No sullen waitresses here!

Outside, there was a man dressed as a red indian, selling hand made goods on a stall. It was obvious that these weren't authentic, so I don't really know what he was trying to pass them off as. They weren't even particularly well made. As we were looking at the stock, we all chatted and looked around, then Paco saw that someone on the other side of the valley had a bonfire on the go. "Look", he said, "they are communicating". We all howled. We may not understand everything we are saying to each other all of the time, but we certainly share the same sense of humour. I think this is why we get on so very well. Our similarities overshadow any communication problems that we might have.

This time, instead of simply riding back home, we stopped by Beniares reservoir. It was a lovely day and there were loads of people all over the place. Thankfully, we found a spot to park and take some photos. Paco was thrilled with a photo I took of his bike, as I lay down practically underneath it, for a 'publicity shot'. Some trikes stopped by for a while and then some other bikers too. One of them had a camera mounted on his helmet, so I went up to him and asked about it. Everyone was very interested and he was happy to show it off. I was most interested in the camera, but the others wanted to know how it had been mounted. It was a very good set up. When I got back, I checked the price of the cameras. Hmm. That idea goes back on hold!
On our way back, we went over a beautiful pass, that we have used a few times now. Sadly, there is no-where to stop and take photos. This seems to be the way with the Spanish roads. There are no verges, and very few lay-bys. It is not safe to stop at the side of the road. If you do find a side-road, the chances are that you have quite a walk back to the spot where you want to take a photo (and then you won't have your bike or car in the photo anyway!) One of these days, I ought to go out on the back of Ed's bike, then I can take some photos as we go along.

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