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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tea is Served

I finally managed to get into the Tea Emporium in Uttoxeter.

Previously, fate has conspired against me and I have never even managed to get my foot in the door. Squashing my nose against the window just doesn't have the same satisfaction.

Mum had a couple of appointments in the centre of town, so we arranged to meet in the tea shop. I go there first and organised the proper full on 'Afternoon Tea' nd paid for it in advance, so that she wouldn't know. Unfortunately, she finished her chores too quickly, and arrived while the lady was still laying the table with a lace cloth and putting the pretty china out.

My goodness. What a feast. This is something to be done just once a year.
As well as the pot of tea, there was a wonderful stand, containing a good selection of sandwiches, then scones, then cakes and trifles. There was so much, that we ended up putting the last bits into our handbags and taking them home. We didn't really want them for tea either, as, having had so many sweet things, they seemed a bit too much. I would certainly recommend the tea, but it would be best of a 'suprise guest' turned up and helped you to eat it all!

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