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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Was She Pushed

Ed and I headed out towards the coast recently, so while there(ish) called up a friend to see if he was about.

It ended up with Ed and I having a lovely lunch with Roger and Nina in a dutch restaurant right on the sea front in Albir. The food was excellent. I ordered the club sandwich, which I find is often a good idea. Filling enough on it's own, a plate of chips soon turns it into a complete meal! In this case, it was served with the usual olives and nuts as well as lots of entertainment from the owner. He was so camp, he should have his own Butlins! He was lovely.

When I go to new places, I always look around at what other people are eating. In this place, I was more intrigued with the crockery than I was with the food. They had the most divine asymmetric plates as well as beautiful glasses. When the time came to serve teas and coffees, I was presented with a cup of hot water, and a pretty wooden box containing a selection of herbal t-bags. What a cute way to serve tea.

The place was really busy and I think we were lucky to find a table. I have no idea how long we were there, but some time later we decided to depart and head for the sea. I was determined to have a paddle. What I didn't realise, was that the beach there was a pebble one. Oh, it was very hard work walking on it. As we got to the edge, I rolled my jeans up and kicked off my flip-flops. Ed, Roger and Nina did the same, and we all had a laugh splashing in the sea. Then Nina fell over. Thankfully, she was still laughing as we struggled to pick her up and get back up the beach. I did wonder if she was pushed, but Roger said she was 'pished, more like'. Very funny.

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