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Saturday, 20 July 2013

No. I don't want to.

Max and Paddy needed a bath.

They hate bathtime.

It's actually very funny. Whichever one we grab first, the other one watches from a distance, knowing that they are going to be tortured next. We have now mastered the art. We have a rope around a pillar of the house, which we fasten to their collar, and then we fill a kiddies paddling pool and stand them in it. We can then wash them and rinse them off, without too much struggling. Even if they do run off, they can only go around the pillar.

This time, we happened to wash Max first and then Paddy. As soon as we had finished with Max, he raced round and round the house, looking for somewhere to rub himself in (the door to the house were shut, otherwise he'd have soaked the place). Unfortunately, he found some soft soil and then did his best to remove the smell of the shampoo. On finishing Paddy, the pair of them then raced around and did the same thing again.

This is the final outcome. No fleas (we didn't find any while washing anyway), but also no shiny coat.

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