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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Boys on Tour

Mum, can I come over for my birthday with some mates?
Yes, if you like.

I can't come, I haven't got enough holiday left.
Oh, ok.

We're all coming, they've let me have an extra day. There'll be 4 of us.

Uh, oh. Where on earth am I going to put them all?! In the end, it was ok. With a combination of double and single beds and airbeds, everyone had somewhere to sleep. And so it was... four twentysomethings to trash the house. Which they didn't, as I knew they wouldn't.

We had such a laugh. One of my students came on the first night, so they were all tasked with a game for her. The poor thing. It was actually her birthday and she didn't get away from here until after 8pm, not knowing that her friends were all hiding in her flat, ready to shout 'suprise' when she got home.

On the Tuesday, we climbed up to the cross on the hill. Stupid idea! It was actually 38 degrees out in the sun. Then, in the afternoon, we all went to Xativa Castle.

Wednesday, they were meant to go to Aqualandia in Benidorm, but their hire-car broke down. Thankfully, it died in the garden, rather than leave them stranded in the middle of no-where. The recovery man wasn't very happy, but at least they got a replacement car pretty quickly. In the end, they went to Benidorm anyway and chilled on the beach, going to the waterpark the next day.

They were also brave enough to go swimming in the pools at Pau Clar (near Ontinyent). Not suprisingly, the water was cold, but really clear and deep. Two of them even jumped off the cliff into the pools.

As is often the way, when you only have one week, there were several wet days, but, there were also enough sunny ones for them to enjoy themselves. I think Paddy and Max missed them just as much as I did, when they finally went home.

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