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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Let Battle Commence

I was quite convinced that the battle of the moors taking the castle from the Christians was at 12 o'clock, and had been telling everyone that. On the day of the battle, we got up ratherlate, so this was another event that we were to miss.

As time went on, we couldn't hear anything and I didn't understand why. We may live some way off, but the battle is loud enough to hear from here!

Then at about 2pm, we heard it all. Then the penny dropped... there is a Mass at 12 o'clock and the battle takes place afterwards. First, all of the filas have to parade into the square (the Christians and then the Moors) and then the speeches are all done, before the battle itself commences.

As usual, we went to the later one, when the Christians re-capture the castle. This year, both of the lead roles were held by people a little uncomfortable in the spotlight. The Christian king had someone next to him, with a sheet of paper, prompting him whenever necessary and the Moor King was actually the Queen, as the King didn't want to do it! She didn't live on l'Olleria and her natural language was castelliano, so she had to learn the whole thing in another language! Well done her!

Come the actual battle, we weren't in our normal spot and I found myself hiding in a doorway to take some photos. HUGE mistake! The sound of the guns echoing inside the porch turned out to be enough to keep my ears ringing for nearly a week! I went quite deaf for about 2 days. Next year, I really must take some ear defenders (we have enough of them around the house).

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