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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Sunday Lunch

We were invited to Sunday lunch at The Olive Branch by one of our friends.

We had heard it was very good before, but had never gone. If we are not out on the bikes, then I am perfectly capable of cooking a decent meal myself!

However, it was Laeticia's birthday, so off we went. Parking the car, we noticed how low the reservior was. No real rain since May has taken it's toll. It was a lovely day, so we sat in the garden having drinks, before going in for lunch. There were 6 of us, and the food was excellent. Ed had a mixture of beef and pork, whereas I had chosed turkey braised in gravy. Yum yum. Mine came in a teracotta pot, and there was no room for the veggies (again). The table was groaning with food, all of it beautifully cooked.

I had some 'happy birthday' confetti and sprinked them over the table. Laeticia was thrilled and took them home with her afterwards (I didn't tell her that I had re-used them lots of times and still had a load in my bag).

After pudding (warm Bakewell tart with ice cream) we went outside for coffees. When we asked for the bill, we discovered that Laeticia had already paid it, and sworn the landlord to secrecy. With some persuasion, I managed to get the figure out of her, and we all chipped in. How can Sunday lunch last for 4 1/2 hours!

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