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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Palm Beetle (part 2)

Well, today the top has dropped even more. To be expected I guess. We now have 3 leaves that are vertical and all of the others are on the wane. The really sad part is, not long ago, Iwas thinking how lovely and full it was looking, and how well the one in the back gaarden has taken after it transplant.

Today, we managed to buy the special insecticide. We went to 3 different co-operativas before we found one open. How crazy is it, to only open 1 or 2 days a week?! Really bizzarely, the one that was open, was the one in l'Olleria. It is the first time we have ever seen the door open. (We weren't quite certain where it was until now.) The lady was very helpful. She sold me the product I wanted (25 euros) plus, she explained that on different months, you treat it with a different chemical. I bought that too, as it was only another 4 euros. I was a bit concerned, when I paid her, and then she walked off without giving me anything... the stock is kept in another warehouse nearby! She also gave me a piece of paper, with instructions on what to treat it with and when. I'm not certain about 1 sentence though, so need to get someone to translate the Valenciano for me!

As soon as we got back, we poured the treatment into the crown, Ed standing on the roof of the truck, in order to get to the centre. Fingers crossed. I know it will look worse before it gets better, but hopefully we will be able to save it.

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