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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Desfila - Fancy Dress Parade

Before the big parade, the different groups parade in their club uniforms. Christians one day, and Moors on another.

Unlike the scouts or brownies, these are costumes relating to the names of their groups or to traditional costumes of 600 years ago. The Pirates dress in lovely costumes, even though none of them look like Jack Sparrow, but other groups have simple striped tunics, with pointy slippers and leather belts. Either way, it is a much more casual affair, but everyone has just as much fun.

This time, everyone has the chance to look around at the spectators, and acknowledge anyone they know with a nod and a smile. (And, as it starts much earlier, they are not all drunk before it starts!)

The band with each troupe are dressed quite casually, but they still put every effort into their music. I'm quite astonished that the drums actually survive the pounding they get, even though that's what they are designed for. The grin on the drummer's faces says it all.

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