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Friday, 14 October 2011

Sola en Casa

Ed scooted off to the UK for a couple of weeks, leaving me 'home alone'. As it happened, John was here for a few of the days, and then Tim and his friends for a week, so I was only alone for a short time.

On the Sunday, I had the opportunity to go to another matinal with the spanish bikers. There were only four of us in total this time, Julian, Paco, Emy and I. This was much easier for me, as I didn't have to spend my time translating for Ed, and I could have a proper chat with Emy.

Julian was in cracking form, winding me up nicely, but I even managed to understand the innuendo's and fell about laughing along with everyone else.

We only went to Denia, but we went the scenic route there. I was a little dubious, as Muro de Alcoy tends to be about 10 degrees colder than everywhere else and I was only wearing jeans and an airflow jacket. Sure enough, at one point, I had to switch my heated grips on (for about 5 minutes). The scenery was gorgeous. There were rivers of clouds sitting amongst crags in the mountains, but it was impossible to stop and take photos. We went up and up, through the clouds, (which was just like being in the UK on a foggy November day) emerging into the sunshine amongst the cherry orchards. This is a valley I really do need to visit again when the blossom is out.

Finally, we reached the coastal zone, near the Montgo mountain, and the lads were lost! Julian wanted to go one way, and Paco another. As it happened, I knew roughly where we were, and Julian was right. We pootled off again and soon found our way into Denia, finding the coloured arrows for 'motos' and parking up with everyone else.

I did see an English couple I know, and chatted for a while, but they had their own agenda, trotting off for lunch elsewhere. We did catch up again before leaving, which was nice.

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