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Thursday, 13 October 2011


At the end of the fiestas, there is a big firework display.

Although we would be able to see it from the house, we decided to go into town, and watch it from where they are all set off, across from a dry river bed.

Having been told it started at midnight, we decided to go into town at 10:30ish, and have a couple of drinks, before wanderign down. We drove in, parked up and wandered to the bar. Just as we sat down (outside) with our drinks, the first rockets went up.

It started at 11, not 12!!!

Thankfully, the street we were in was wide enough for us to see quite well, although we missed the ground level ones (seeing only the change in the colour of the sky!

Ah well. One year, we will get it right.

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