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Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Show Must Go On

Each year, there is an extravaganza of some sort, on the big stage in the park.

There have been some fantastic shows in the past, but this year I was a little worried, as the Town Hall have been adamant about cutting costs for the fiestas. In the end, it was actually quite good.

To start with, there were some dancers. They were more of a gymnastic style, but they put on a very good show, to some up-to-date music. Much of it was the men twirling the girls around, but they also moved into the audience, so that everyone was able to see them properly.

After that, there was a magician. He got some children up from the stage, but one of them had to be told (and then shown) exactly what to do. I think the poor lad had stage fright. It was quite clever, but we were a little too far away to see exactly what was happening.

The magician also did several tricks with an assistant. For a couple of these, I could see how he did them. Still, it was quite impressive to see. The girl was incredibly bendy to move to the very bottom of the cardboard box that he was thrusting swords through! When he chopped her in half, the audience was very intruiged, especially as there were two men from the village helping out.

The last act (I presume) was a comedian. We only stayed for a little while, as, being foreign (!) we couldn't understand everything he said. Some of it was perfectly obvious, but the innuendos were lost on us! Also, we were quite tired after all of our late nights, and just wanted to go to bed!

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