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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fira de l'Olleria

Once again, it was time for our annual fair.
The funfair arrived on Thursday, and the fair was inaugurated on Friday night. We got there just as the dancers and human towers were working their way up the High Street. The music is lovely, although it is done by quite a small band. As this was an opening ceremony, the were all dressed very smartly in dark suits (unlike on the practice nights for the processions, when they wear shorts and t-shirts).

The High Street was the usual mix of stalls selling handbags, scarves or toys. There were a few food stalls too, with olives, almonds and hams. Each year there seem to be the same things, just the style of the handbags changes a little!

We went to one of the local bars and had a drink with an English couple who are returning to the UK so didn't go around the whole fair.

On Saturday, we returned, expecting to see people we knew. From last year, we learned that Saturday is the day to see and be seen! Sure enough, we bumped into severl people. In fact, we bumped into Paco and Emy about 5 times. They spent more time chatting with different people than looking at the displays!

This time, we also walked around the fair itself. The usual rides were there, including a new one.
Floating hamster balls! Great fun. Sadly, these were a little too small for adults. I did think about having a go, but, as they are zipped up tight enough to be waterproof, then, they must also be airproof - ie, the person inside must use up lots of energy and oxygen trying to move around on the water. It must be horrible and smelly inside! The balls were on long pieces of string, so that the operator can pull them back again at the end (or when the customer passes out?).

By about 11pm, we had had enough - thankfully. Apparently, at about 1am, there were a series of fights in town, and a lot of people were hurt. I understand that some of them were even taken to hospital. The gardia civil turned up in great force to restore order. Shocking! We always miss the exciting things!

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