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Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Darling Happy Anniversary

This year, for our Anniversary, we were invited to a 50th Birthday Party! Andy's birthday is not actually until November, but as the weather is still nice in September, he decided to celebrate it early.

We went to their house, a beautiful house on a ridge, giving 360 degree views around the valley. There was a table groaning with food, and lots of people to eat it! Children of all ages were running around, going in and out of the pool and trying to clear the table at the same time!

We stayed for a while, then went off to The Olive Branch for a meal. Ed had a mixed grill and I had prawns. Both of us made mistakes! There was nothing wrong with the food at all, but, Ed's plate was piled so high, he had no chance of finishing it. As for my prawns, well, they were delicious, but the first one's were too hot to open without burning my fingertips, and then the last one's were cold!

The platefuls of vegetables were barely touched. I think I had 3 chips, and the mushrooms, but that was all. Poor Ed didn't have any dessert, but I managed a small lemon mouse!

Since it changed hands a few years ago, we have always eaten well there, but (I hope they don't read this), they really do need to cut down the portion sizes a bit! A couple of euros off the price, and only 1/2 on the plate, and they would turn a much better profit!

One clever thing they do there... in the basket of sauces, there is a little pair of scissors, so you can actually open the sachets! Good move.

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