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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Chip Chop

At the back of the poolhouse, was a youngish pine tree. However, as is the way with trees, it has continued to grow, and was now on its way to causing a problem with the power and phone lines to the laboratory at the back of us. Even though the laboratory is for sale, it is most unlikely to sell. The house itself is in a terrible state of repair, and needs taking down, and the lab itself is really not much more than a block, which is of no use to anyone. Anybody wanting a building project can easily find something nicer in a better spot, and anybody wanting a building to run a business from would find hundreds of them available.

So - the time came to chop the tree down. Ed sent John up with a handsaw, and bit by bit, John took down the branches above the cables.

Ed thought he was taking too long, so he started cutting the tree down, with John still up it, to make him hurry up.

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