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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nature's Handiwork

We had to go to Javea early in the morning, the day after the rains that put paid to the paella competition.

The rising morning mists on the way were spectacular. The little digital camera we have is fine most of the time, but I did wish I had something mush more decent on this particular occasion.

Later, having attended the appointment in Javea, we went to the beach - which was shut! It was still very stormy, so the red flags were flying.

We found a lovely little bar that did a superb english breakfast. For us, it was rather funny to hear english voices all around - especially since most of them seemed to be from Essex! This is when it bring it home to me, that we moved to Spain for a peaceful life - I'm sure we wouldn't have found it, had we moved to somehwere near the sea.

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