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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hells Gorge

Since it was such a hot day, we did a cache at 'Hells Gorge'.

This is a 9km long walk, in a vally with interesting geology as well as cave paintings. The gorge in actually on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and is very beautiful. To do the round trip, one has to climb 6,500 steps, build into the rocks by the moors.

Needless to say, this wasn't going to happen on a 40+ degree day. The cache I was looking for, was at a lookout spot above the gorge. We pulled into the lay-by and found the cache in moments. Much better.

Since we were on the right road. We also took in a few minutes of respite from the sun - a visit to Cova del Rull. It was only a few euros to go in, and we were taken around by the spanish guide on our own. Personal treatment - wonderful. She spoke lovely clear spanish, and Ed understood most of what she was explaining, as she was so demonstrative. It was lovely and cool, but when we lingered too long, the lights in that area went off, urging us on to the next point of interest! No hanging around inside for an hour then!

The guide had a good torch, and pointed out interesting rock formations and minerals that could be seen. I actually understood everything she said, so my spanish must be getting better. We first came here during our honeymoon, so it was nice to see it again. (Photos not allowed inside, I'm afraid)

Since we were near the coast now, we decided to pop to Javea for a late lunch. We sat in a very trendy beach front bar, that was actually not too pricey and had good food. My only complaint was some of the decor. When I went to the laides, it was so nicely done, that I actually couldn't find the light switch. The walls were matt black so there was no way I was going to fumble around in the sheer dark! Once the lady showed me the switch, I was very impressed! No, the dark wasn't to hide any cockroaches!

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