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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pub Uni-K

The lads decided on a night out in town, but, as it was Sunday night, lots of the places were shut.

We popped into one pub Uni-K and Tim, the landlord was good enough to ring another bar for us, to see if they were still serving food. After a swift drink, we went off to the Park Bar. It was very quiet, so I checked if we could order some burgers. As it happened, that was pretty much all he was serving! We also ordered a couple of plates of chips along with our drinks.

As Ed and I knew, when the burgers arrived, everyone was very impressed. They do a mean burger. The usual lettuce, tomato etc, but this time, also with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. The burger itself is not a processed thing from the supermarket either! (In fact, the lads were so impressed, they had another one on their last day too.)

After eating, we all bimbled back to the Uni-K for another drink. As we were the only ones in there, I tried to get the lads to sing on the karioke. Thye wouldn't. However, to my amusement, Sweeny Todd was on the TV and they all knew all of the words to the songs. Tim changed the sound over, and he, John, Ed and I were somewhat amused to see these 4 lads singing along to a gruesome musical. However, the novelty soon wore off, so instead, we all went off to play table football and darts! Living the high life eh?

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