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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Return to Cache

In the winter, we went to a geocache in an abandoned village, which was very interesting. It began to snow while we were there, but we decided we would visit again, in the warmer weather.

As a second cache has now been hidden in the village, it seemed like a good excuse to go again. Unfortunately, I took the wrong route before setting the sat nav, so once again, we took the 'scenic' route. That said, it is a good way to discover the countryside around you!

We finally arrived, and quickly found the cache. Ed spent a while wondering around, but it was actually such a hot day, that it was impossible to stay outside for long. Nearby, was another cache, located by a 'nevera'. (Snow well - snow was packed into deep wells, to use during the warmer months.)

We moved the car to the second cache, then walked a few hundred yards to the new cache site. It was really hot and dry, and following the path was a struggle in the heat. We soon realised that we had to go into the wooded area a little, and quickly found the site we wanted. I felt so ill, it was all I could do to just sit in the shade and gasp for air. Thankfully, I had my medication with me, so I just sat in the shade, while Ed found the box! I quickly recovered, and signed the log, and replaced the box, while Ed took a picture for me.

On the walk back, I felt terribly ill again. Even though I could see the car, a few hundred yards away, I wasn't convinced that I would get to it, before passing out. Thankfully, there was a picnic area next to the car, and it was possible to sit in the shade again for a few minutes, before lurching the final steps to the car. Water. Yes, of course there was plenty in the car. However, the water was really warm, but at least it gave us chance to recover.

Subsequently, we discovered that it was 43 degrees in the shade. Nearer 60 in the sun (centigrade, of course). There is a line... 'geocachers are always ready'... well, that day we failed. I may have had a pen, and spare batteries for the GPS, but the most basic thing (common sense) was missing. Next time, we will visit the village on a pleasant day!

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