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Sunday, 7 October 2012

l'Olleria Festes - Comedy Parade

Ah. The end of (official) summer approaches, so it is fiesta time in the village again.

The main parade is always held on 1st Saturday in September, so, the week before is comedy parade.

As usual, most of the floats had a political theme, complaining about the crisis. Some of them were very funny, but some of them were a bit obscure. In the UK, I'm sure they would have been frowned upon, but here, all things political are fair game. Even small children are asked questions about current affairs, and they can answer with a high degree of conviction too!

The new airport that hasn't had a single plane land on it, in 12 months (just north of Valencia)

The obligatory man dressed as a woman - who seemed to be rather good a pole dancing

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