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Sunday, 7 October 2012

l'Olleria Paella Night

Yum Yum. Paella night again. The whole town enrolls in the event, and then everyone gather in a huge car-park and cooks paella over a fire. Cost? Free. Just bring your own accessories (chairs, tables, crisps, olives - and friends)

But not this year.

There had been terrible rumours that there would be a fee this year, but that was not the case. The problem - was the weather. There was a huge deluge late afternoon, making it impossible to hold the event. In the end, everyone collected their vouchers from the council and then got their food supplies from a truck parked at the local petrol station then went home to cook their food. No tasting this year, so no prizes for the best one.

In fact, this didn't really affect us, as we had planned to cook at Paco's house anyway. We were hoping to say 'hi' to everyone in the carpark, before getting to Paco's, but that was not to be.

We congregated in the garage (spanish style) and had our own party, in the same way that hundreds of other people had to, all around the town. Great fun. We couldn't sit outside under the bunting that Victoria had made and hung up, but we could still have a great night out!

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