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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Pool Partly

We finally began the next stage of getting the pool done.

Ed re-laid the coping stones, with the help of a friend, so that we can be certain of getting the tiles level.

Summer is definately not the best time to be doing major tasks outside, but the timing was out of our hands. We ordered the tiles in mid-july, with the promise that they would be delivered within 3 days.

On the Monday, I called, to see if they were there. "Thursday", he said. Hmm. Ok, I'll ring back on Thursday. So I did. "Monday", he said. I waited until Tuesday before ringing again. "Thursday" he said, and advised me that he would call me, when they did arrive. I waited, but no call. Finally, I called him back. The tiled had arrived, but not the special pool grout - or so I understood. He promised to call me, when the remainder of the order had arrived.

After a chat with Ed, we decided that we would collect the tiles, and buy the grout elsewhere. I decided to play safe, and get a spanish friend to chase him up again. She told me, that the main tiles and grout had arrived, but not the border tiles. This made our plan impossible. We needed to put the border tiles on first. The tiles would be there in a couple of days! She called them again, to be told that the man was fed up with his supplier, and he would fetch them himself. A couple of days later, and still no tiles. "They will be here today". Yeah, right. Ironically, my friend was due to go on holiday, so I thought we would be stuck, but, no, late afternoon, we got a call... the truck is on it's way, we can meet at the petrol station. We drove down, and, sure enough, a white van soon rolled up. The driver stuck his head out of the window, "Bramley?" "si", and off we went! He was good enough to help up store the grout and tiles in the pool house, even though he had to go up and down the steps multiple times!

Still, we had lost a month during the wait, so poor Ed had to work mornings and evenings, as it was far too hot during the day. The border tiles are covered in protective brown paper by the way.

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