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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Storm Brewing

I have to confess, this picture dates back to July! I have had technical issues, that have prevented me from posting for some time. My poor laptop has died, and my new one doesn't read the card from the camera! Technology has made life more interesting, but can also raise some serious challenges.

Having had a pretty dry year in 2011, the same can be said for 2012. We have had practically no rain since last April. One day, it did coud over, with the most dramatic storm clouds I have seen in a very long time. Tropical storms - eat your heart out. This was a rolling cloud base that looked worthy of a disaster movie. Had a space ship or something appeared from within the clouds, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Finally, some rain. Well, actually, not really. It rained for a bout 5 minutes, before moving on. The coast got quite a bit, but the storm was moving so quickly, most of the rain fell out at sea. Not much use for filling the reservoir back up.

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